As the daily COVID-19 positive cases increased in India in April 2021, an unprecedented surge of panic and fear gripped the hearts of most, if not all who live in this super populous nation. The leaders in Hope Bengaluru and Hope Mumbai brainstormed a virtual camp in the beginning of May as most of our members are already at home in lockdown. Within a short notice, we have most of our members responding positively to join a virtual camp.

To our amazement, Ps Paul Yadao and Ps Verge Ascabano of Destiny Ministries International in the Philippines agreed to speak in our camp. The theme of our camp was “Kingdom Identity”. We had four sessions of teaching and ministry, and a special interest groups session over a weekend, on 29th-30th May. We had a total of 79 registrations, with 52 local and 27 international participants. International participants include leaders from Hope Johor Bahru, Hope Batu Pahat, Hope Malacca and Hope Tokyo while locals include members and virtual visitors of Hope Bengaluru and Hope Mumbai.

Ps Paul brought us to the Garden of Eden in his teaching so that we can understand the foundation of our identity and unveiled to us the concept of sonship through how Jesus and God the Father relate to one another in the Gospel books. The teaching was received well with testimonies of being set free and experiencing the love of God being reported. Ps Verge shared on “Fearless Worship” that inspired us to worship God just as we are, without being burdened by the need to perform. Many received a revelation to make choices out of love, instead of fear.

There were two events in the interest group meeting, one being connecting to one another through online games (Chess, Pictionary and Ludo) while another is Indoor Exercise (Neck Stretching and Tabata Workout). The first purpose is to encourage brothers and sisters to stay connected with one another, even in the midst of lockdown. The second purpose is to encourage brothers and sisters to stay healthy even during lockdown. Overall, it was a first time for many to join a virtual camp, and definitely a first experience for the camp committee members. Though we were not able to serve Indian cuisines or enjoy “chai” (milk tea), we are blessed that we are affirmed in our identity in Christ. Who we are as a person is no longer defined by the chaotic surroundings or our unfortunate circumstances. Some of us are even looking forward to a second virtual camp.

Report by Ps Joshua Wong
On behalf of the Camp Committee

Last modified: August 9, 2021